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Debbie Lamb


  Debbie has a record of 30 years in teaching. Her leadership experience began by managing and developing a number of dynamic and successful PE departments. Debbie always had an intuitive way of working with students which impacted on their behaviour and this was recognised when she became a Head of Year and started her journey along the pastoral route. Debbie has since been a member of several Leadership Teams, responsible for Behaviour and Standards, Ethos and Welfare.   

Debbie has since gone onto expand her skills, knowledge and expertise by leading a PDBW team within a Multi Academy Trust, working in over 20 schools including primary and secondary, advising and guiding senior and middle leaders on the improvement of PDBW within their schools. 

Anchored Schools


Corrie and Debbie have worked together previously and know their skill sets complement and strengthen each others practice.  Together they form a professional team, whose passion for quality pastoral care and sound safeguarding is infectious.

They have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience and have worked across 30 schools in 6 different local authorities. They are both experienced trainers who have delivered to hundred of delegates over a wide variety of training courses.

Debbie and Corrie have worked within some particularly challenging and complex communities, across a wide range of schools in all levels  of Ofsted judgements including those in categories.

Corrie Fielding


After a short career in banking, Corrie started teaching in 1998. She has led Psychology, RE, PSHE and Citizenship departments. After being recognised by Ofsted as an outstanding leader of PSHE, Careers and Enterprise she became the peer practioner for this area across a large county and joined her first SLT. She has since been a member of SLTs in primary and secondary schools where she has responsibility for Behaviour , Attendance, Safeguarding and SMSC/British Values.  Corrie has also been a member of several governing bodies.

Corrie has also been a practising DSL for several years.  Joining  a Multi Academy Trust she lead on Safeguarding and whilst working in academies was recognised by a local authority for outstanding practice.


Anchored Schools is a thoroughly professional, speedy and responsive service run by educational colleagues who are totally up to date in their specialist knowledge. They provide high quality support, a no nonsense approach and are able to prepare schools fully for Ofsted visits in the areas of behaviour, safeguarding, attendance and personal developement and wellbeing. The team has a proven track record of assessing school situations within their context and recommending a course of actions which will make a positive difference. They are keen to provide actual on the ground operational support as necessary as well as written evidence to validate their partnership work.  Anchored Schools colleagues offer a secure and confidential first ‘port of call’ chat to discuss your needs.  

  Dr Gillian Metcalfe

Debbie delivered whole school safeguarding training at our academy this September and has supported the Leadership Team with both pre-empting and addressing safeguarding issues.   Corrie provided excellent support and guidance to our Inclusion and Leadership teams to enhance school behaviour, attendance and safeguarding procedures.   In working with us, Debbie and Corrie have proved themselves to be highly professional individuals, skilled in supporting the needs of schools. They respond rapidly to any queries and are very thorough in their approach, clearly outlining safeguarding priorities in a way that guides Leadership teams in school improvements.

Ann Winter - Headteacher